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Our team is a group of individuals looking to create amazing pieces of work. Our motto is to bring elegant & new tastes of UI, faster performance system. We will try our best to give you a better output.

We code to develop not only software but to make life and work easier and comfortable. The motto we bear is to take our country at the top of networking world. Programming is not just coding, its a passion we have that makes us do things more sophisticatedly. We try to build things that can be utilized in many ways which is called re-usability that makes things faster, smarter and better.

We can't wait to work with you because you will love to work with us.

Our services

Website Development
Mobile Application
UI/UX Design
Technical Consultation

We promise you a new look and more importantly, a new attitude. We build that by getting to know you, your needs and creating the best looking website and mobile design and most bug free development. We use the latest technology to cope up with the never ending world tech.

We have expertise to work with latest web application like Progressive Web App (PWA). We guarantee you to deliver the best and secured application as your requirements.

Programming/Markup Language that we work on are JavaScript, Python, Dart, C#, C++, HTML, CSS. For framework or library we mostly use are .NET Core, Flutter, django, ExpressJS, ReactJS . CSS framework we use are Materializecss, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS



Real-time corona-virus tracker of Bangladesh bangladesh which includes latest updates, data visualization, public awareness from WHO and some advice to aware people.

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Routine Explorer

A class routine of DIU/SWE that helps finding class schedule from .xlsx file in a 6x6 Grid where student can find class schedule by selecting the routine version provided by the department.

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An easy and secured solution to get messages from contact form of static or dynamic websites and display all the messages in a table which can be copied and downloaded as .csv, .xlsx and .pdf file.

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An open-source CI/CD automation tool based on GitHub Actions that pulls all the JavaScript and CSS files from your base branch, minify them and creates a pull-request with a new branch.

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ReTone is a color palette site built with React and React router. There is already a bunch of palettes available in the site. One can copy the color from the palette and create new custom palette.

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Statistical representation of GitHub, UVA and Codeforces profiles to build real-time resume for Software Engineers and generates working profile of Software Engineers based on their works.

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Donate Plasma

"Donate Plasma" is a prototype apps built with flutter for the purpose of connecting COVID-19 patients and the patients recently recovered from COVID-19 willing to donate their plasma.

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Visual of our country of the number of COVID-19 patients in every district. All district data is shown in map where anyone can sort data district wise. Also there is a table containing all districts.

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Why us?

beenhereHire top experts

We are a fully fledged freelancing team with -

UI/UX Researchers
Cool Frontend Devs
REST/GraphQL Programmers
DevOps Engineers
Machine Learning Engineer
group We're supportive

We do care about your business. We ensure you -

Fast communication
Sustainable and easy to scale products
Affordable but high quality products
Delivery within deadlines
Innovative and cutting-edge solutions
assistant Unstoppable talents

We don't just learn, we apply them too. Our members have active participation in -

International Flutter Hackathon
GitHub Actions Hackathon
Microsoft Azure Champions League


World Runner Up

Made a prototype application using Google's latest framework Flutter to solve the complications of finding plasma donor.

GP Hackathon

Integrated Direct Operator Billing (DOB) API of one the most popular mobile operator company Grameen phone (GP) with a project.

Microsoft AI Gaming

Developed a AI bot using python which match related images (maze) in the shortest possible time.

Project Fair Champion

Developed an automated system to generate routine and show in table by reading .xlsx file using Java.

Student of Summer '19

Announced as Student of Summer '19 for maintaining top result among all students of 22nd batch.


Shunjid Rahman Showrov
Zubayer Himel
Shah Fahad Hossain
Abu Sufian Sheble
Jinnatul Islam Morol

Contact us

Dhanmondi 32, Dhaka Bangladesh